mini-split heat pump cleaning

Not getting your heat pump professionally cleaned can end up in serious health problems, will cost you more money for running your heat pump and will shorten the lifetime of your heat pump.

Over month dust and debris will collect in your heat pump components, mixed with condensing water and moist air during the cooling season this mixture is the perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria to grow.

This article by CBC describes a case in which a family developed health issues because mould built up in their heat pump.

Benefits of a Professional Mini-Split Heat Pump Deep Cleaning

  • Keep your heat pump running smoothly and efficiently
  • Save on excess power
  • Removal of dust, spores, mould, and bacteria that could potentially build up and harm your health


  • Get rid of any odeurs

My service includes:

  • Remove and Clean Filters
  • Clean and Flush Evaporator Coils
  • Clean and Disinfect Condensate Pan
  • Clean Barrel Fan