what is a home inspection

A home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the accessible areas of a dwelling and will identify defects within specific systems and components of the dwelling. All observations made during the home inspection will be presented to the client in an inspection report including additional pictures, comments and recommendations. Part of the inspection is the roof, exterior, decks, balconies, basement, foundation, crawlspace, heating, ventilation and cooling components, plumbing and electrical systems, attic, insulation, fireplaces and attached garages. 

residential home inspection

A residential home inspection will reveal in which condition the home that you would like to live in is. The home inspector will examine every visible and accessible area and system to make sure that you get to know your future home in much detail as needed in terms of defects and safety. This brings you in a good position for negotiations of the houses price and as well you'll know how much you have to invest in the near future to correct minor or bigger defects. All residential home inspection are backed up by a guarantee, if I miss anything during an inspection InterNACHI will buy your home back.


Sellers home Inspection

Chances are high that the buyer of the home wants to have an inspection done. So make the first step and get to know the weaknesses of your home. This will give you the chance to get the repairs done that may be considered safety issues, or that might cost you thousands of dollars down the road when the potential buyer uses the defects revealed by the home inspection in the sale price negotiations. It shows the buyer as well that you are not hiding anything and makes it more likely that you get the price you're looking for.


home maintenance inspection

If you own a house and the last inspection of it was a few year ago, or has never been done, it's time to get it checked. A house should be maintained and checked regularly, and if this wasn't done at all or done by someone unqualified, little problems can turn into big ones pretty quickly. At the inspection itself, you can accompany me and get to know your home much more in detail and ask every question you have on your heart.


Annual home review

A house gives you a warm and cozy shelter no matter what is happening on the outside, but the outside conditions are pretty tough on a house: strong wind, heavy rain, lots of snow that turn into water, uv radiation of the sun, tree branches or animals that could damage your house. You might not even be aware of the damages that the last winter did on your house. An Annual Home Review is the little brother of a home inspection. If you’ve already had a home inspection done in recent years, an Annual Home Review will ensure that your home is kept in the best possible condition. I will inspect the roof, chimney, siding, windows and doors, plumbing system, attic and sump pump as these are the most susceptible to damages relating to usage, winter and outdoor conditions.


mold inspection

coming soon...